Jun 24 2014

In Memory of Hannah – our wonderful and brave clinic cat

Hannah came to us fifteen years ago with both of her back legs broken. She was going to be euthanized, but there was just something special about her. She had a sweet spirit, and such a will to live that we just couldn’t let her go. We did orthopedic surgery to repair her broken legs, spayed her, and began searching for the perfect home for her. During our search, Hannah was busy getting to know her way around the clinic, greeting clients as they came in, and sitting with them while we took care of their own pets. She kept all the paperwork in top order at the front desk, and kept us moving back in the treatment area of the hospital! It didn’t take long to realize Hannah had already found her perfect home! She loved the duties she assigned herself, and performed them joyfully everyday. She looked forward to welcoming people and pets to the practice, and loved the attention she got in return. Even when she started getting arthritis, she still kept her appointed rounds.

We gave her Adequan injections to keep her joints healthy and to slow progression of arthritis. She took these injections for many years, and never needed any other pain medicine. When technology came to PAC, Hannah wanted her own Facebook page to communicate with all her friends right away! She has always been a strong kitty health advocate. When we were blessed to move to our new facility, Hannah settled in before anyone else, doing her rounds like always. Then, when she started developing kidney insufficiency (her kidneys weren’t doing their job so well), she was still going strong on her special kidney diet. As things progressed, she needed more support – fluids under her skin, Cerenia to help when she got an upset stomach, and iron and darbopoetin to help with her anemia. And now, to Hannah’s very dear and special PAC friends and family, it is with heavy hearts that we have to tell you that Hannah has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We can’t imagine life at the clinic without her. She has left a huge void that will be hard to fill, but she has been a faithful co-worker and friend, and she deserves to be at peace.

Goodbye, dear Hannah. We love you!!

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